Creamy BLT + Wilted Spinach Pasta

This is something that I started to type up the other day but my WiFi was in and out at the house on top of having a rough day.. so forgive me for giving up and building a fort out of blankets. Yes, you heard right... a fort out of blankets. I have learned that… Continue reading Creamy BLT + Wilted Spinach Pasta


Pesto + Fontina Panini

Honestly... I have nights where I get home from work and could really just go for a sandwich. I know this is awful and you all should shun me right about now, but before we make any rash decisions think of it this way.... The shammish (sandwich in Sarah language- dont ask questions) I speak… Continue reading Pesto + Fontina Panini


Crock Pot Tacos

Finally, some crock pot/slow cooker action! Sheesh! It has only been about forever since I dusted mine off, but I will try and be more diligent in utilizing it! This was actually the perfect recipe for today since I got off work around 3 and was able to put the ground hamburger into the crock… Continue reading Crock Pot Tacos


Insalata Caprese

So this is something that I put together for our good friend Allie's birthday party at our house over the weekend. It is very basic and there are many different variations you can make based on your taste... Hey, you like garlic? Add some chopped garlic! Don't like balsamic glaze? Pfffft... don't add it to… Continue reading Insalata Caprese


Kanapki (Open Face Polish Sandwich)

So obviously I am on a Polski kick tonight but you know what? It was just well over due! A good friend of ours happens to make a really mean true polish kielbasa so we are very lucky that we don't have to jump through hoops to get the good stuff. Anyhow I made Kanapki with… Continue reading Kanapki (Open Face Polish Sandwich)