Red Wine + Dijon Marinated Beef Top Round Steak

  This magical little number was made with lots of my favorite thing.... W.I.N.E ::GASP:: Lets face it, this is no secret. I am a wine-o and anyone who didn't realize this must be crazy or hitting the bottle themselves! My delicious glass of holy juice is in nearly every picture I post and if… Continue reading Red Wine + Dijon Marinated Beef Top Round Steak


Chilled Asian Inspired Cabbage Salad

I made Asian Style Pork Ribs not long ago and needed something to go along with them so I got to thinking.... what could I make that would pair well with the flavors of the ribs? I looked around my pantry, counter, and cabinets and couldn't for the life of me figure it out! Then… Continue reading Chilled Asian Inspired Cabbage Salad


Potato and Leek Soup

This is a little something that I had at the Boars Head Feast at the Eagle Hill Cultural Center last year for the first time ever and fell absolutely head over heels for. I have been meaning to make it, but completely forgot about it until I heard that the Boars Head Feast was right… Continue reading Potato and Leek Soup


Twice Baked Potatoes

I made these delectable little treats as a side for a roast I did a week or so ago. I absolutely love this easy no-fuss way to spice up the basic potato, especially when I dont have the time to bake them traditionally in the oven! Win-Win situation... Sorry for the lack of action shots,… Continue reading Twice Baked Potatoes


Honey Roasted Parsnip

If you can recall, last year around this time I was on a ginormous parsnip kick.... I got to the point where I was roasting parsnip, frying parsnip, caramelizing parsnip, you name it- I did it. Well, one thing I did not try was HONEY and parsnip! Who knew there was more to learn about… Continue reading Honey Roasted Parsnip