Herb Crusted Chicken + Roasted Thyme Fingerling Potatoes

This.was.amazing Let me just put this out there.... A whole chicken slathered with a garlic and fresh herb butter, stuffed full of carrots, celery, and onions, trussed up nice and well, set on top of a bed of fresh baguette bread torn up to serve as an edible roasting rack and whole garlic cloves scattered… Continue reading Herb Crusted Chicken + Roasted Thyme Fingerling Potatoes


Brown Sugar + Dijon Roasted Drumsticks

Honestly these are the most majestic chicken drummers I've ever made! It was just a pinch of this, handful of that, oh crap that's awful... Let me add some of this ordeal... Then out comes this sex on a stick! I am constantly on the hunt for new and savory recipes for chicken and it… Continue reading Brown Sugar + Dijon Roasted Drumsticks


Crispy Roasted Chicken

  This my friends, is my go to recipe for roasted chicken! ::Cue applause:: Its very simple and easy to do. Just truss your chicken, give it a nice rub down, put it in the oven, and forget about it for a little while. Who can argue with that! I especially love my chicken with… Continue reading Crispy Roasted Chicken

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Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites

  Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites are so dangerously tasty and easy to make, its almost a sin! The guys over at The Kitchn really knew what they were doing when they created these little delectable bites. Feel free to click on the above link to see their original recipe as well as brows their recipes… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites


Roasted Sweet and Hot Mustard Potatoes

I love mustard.... lets face it, many of my recent posts have consisted of the stuff in some way, shape, or form! Its okay, I am proud... I love the stuff! This recipe in particular, is very good even if you are not the biggest fan. It is subtle, and doesn't have the bite that… Continue reading Roasted Sweet and Hot Mustard Potatoes