Chicken, Pasta

Tuscan Garlic Chicken Skillet

This little beaut was something that was a happy accident (with my lack of spinach I was afraid for the sauce) but who are we to argue with happy accidents? They make the world go round, amiright? Anyone? I'm just sayin' gosh! For a quick meal that you need to make in a snap, this… Continue reading Tuscan Garlic Chicken Skillet


Creamy Parmesan and Garlic Pasta

This beaut of a dish comes from Just A Pinch and is honest to God a life saving "One Pot Wonder". I basically had no plan what-so-ever for dinner and it was just one of those weeks where I was a tad burnt out so I planned on winging it. Thankfully I was browsing my… Continue reading Creamy Parmesan and Garlic Pasta


Real Fettuccine Alfredo

(Source) So I have an obsession with Alfredo Sauces... It is something that I can never get enough of and although I am all for indulging... over indulging in this recipe is not recommended unless your ultimate goal is to go up say two - three dress sized! ::Gasp:: Don't let that deter you… Continue reading Real Fettuccine Alfredo