Egg Drop Soup

  What seems like eons ago, a big group of us went to this amazing hibachi joint called Goten of Japan for my birthday. This was only my second visit to Goten but will go down as the most memorable one thus far. I am talking great friends, family, cocktails, shrimp being tossed at your… Continue reading Egg Drop Soup


Meatloaf Cups

Some nights when you get out of work, the last thing you really want to do is cook. With that being said, I try to find easy and hassle-free ways to make this happen without risking taste and quality... which is how I found out about this different method for meatloaf! Not only does it… Continue reading Meatloaf Cups


Lasagna Rolls

(Source) I just want to express my love for lasagna for a moment. Once, Mikey was going out with his friend Jake for a guys night out on the town but yet I still made a pan of lasagna for myself knowing it was only going to be me eating dinner. I promise I… Continue reading Lasagna Rolls