Mushroom Gravy

I know, I know... Bad, bad, bad Sarah! I have been slacking so bad but the good news is I am still diligently taking pictures while making dinner so I am not sooooo behind, right??? Only semi-behind on my blog... right??? Eeek, no matter how I try to think about it, I am still pretty… Continue reading Mushroom Gravy

Sea Food

Mussels with Garlic & White Wine (Cozze di Puglia)

  Mussels are certainly interesting little characters... They are intimidating (for me) at first but once you get down to it, they are rather simple little creatures. They thrive in clusters in both salt and fresh water, they live off of plankton as well as other microscopic sea creatures, and in America during the second… Continue reading Mussels with Garlic & White Wine (Cozze di Puglia)

Sea Food

New England Steamers

Look at those guys... I feel so horrible about this but I did it... I put them in the pot... and cooked them... I owed Mikey and also made this for my own selfish needs (i need more diversity on my food blog and being a non-seafood-eating-person I tend to be lacking on the seafood… Continue reading New England Steamers