Brie & Pecan Cups

  These little lovely's I found while browsing Pinterest. I couldn't tear my eyes away from their delicious gooeyness (yes, Google tells me this is a word) and  decided right then and there, "Those are the ones"! Those are the ones to bring for dessert at Thanksgiving and those are the ones that are going… Continue reading Brie & Pecan Cups


Brie en Croute (AKA Sarahs Leprechaun Gold)

 Oh-My-God I just did a trial run on Saturday night for my Brie en Croute recipe I got from Paula Deen that I am planning on making for Thanksgiving at my uncle's house. There are no words. Seriously, I can not even begin to describe how delicious this dish was. I am really at a loss… Continue reading Brie en Croute (AKA Sarahs Leprechaun Gold)