Meatloaf Cups

Some nights when you get out of work, the last thing you really want to do is cook. With that being said, I try to find easy and hassle-free ways to make this happen without risking taste and quality... which is how I found out about this different method for meatloaf! Not only does it… Continue reading Meatloaf Cups


Pan Seared Cabernet and Mushroom Eye Round Steak

  This recipe here is so simple and delicious only using very few ingredients and a cheap cut of meat. Very simple and honestly a perfect situation for after a long day at work. I used Beef Eye Round Steak about a 1/2" thick because, well that was what was in my freezer! When buying… Continue reading Pan Seared Cabernet and Mushroom Eye Round Steak


Spiced Roast Beef and Vegtables

Happy Monday and more importantly Veterans Day to all of our vets! Today I want to share one of my favorite roasts to date! This is the perfect home cooked roast for Sunday evening dinners or even when you are hosting company. There isn't much hands on time and makes your house smell absolutely wonderful.… Continue reading Spiced Roast Beef and Vegtables


Mushroom Gravy

I know, I know... Bad, bad, bad Sarah! I have been slacking so bad but the good news is I am still diligently taking pictures while making dinner so I am not sooooo behind, right??? Only semi-behind on my blog... right??? Eeek, no matter how I try to think about it, I am still pretty… Continue reading Mushroom Gravy


Beef Stroganoff

I don't think this needs any words... but I am going to put it out there anyways. Beef Stroganoff is the mac-daddy of all winter comfort foods. BOOM. That is all the introduction it needs.Ingredients1.5 Lbs Stew BeefEgg Noodles1 Cup Sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms1 Medium Onion; sliced1- 10.5 Oz Can Beef Broth1- 10.5 Oz. Can… Continue reading Beef Stroganoff