Red Wine + Dijon Marinated Beef Top Round Steak

  This magical little number was made with lots of my favorite thing.... W.I.N.E ::GASP:: Lets face it, this is no secret. I am a wine-o and anyone who didn't realize this must be crazy or hitting the bottle themselves! My delicious glass of holy juice is in nearly every picture I post and if… Continue reading Red Wine + Dijon Marinated Beef Top Round Steak


Pesto + Fontina Panini

Honestly... I have nights where I get home from work and could really just go for a sandwich. I know this is awful and you all should shun me right about now, but before we make any rash decisions think of it this way.... The shammish (sandwich in Sarah language- dont ask questions) I speak… Continue reading Pesto + Fontina Panini