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Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites

  Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites are so dangerously tasty and easy to make, its almost a sin! The guys over at The Kitchn really knew what they were doing when they created these little delectable bites. Feel free to click on the above link to see their original recipe as well as brows their recipes… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites


Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole

I found this on my majestical Pinterest machine a couple of weeks back and decided that it just needed to happen. While it is not the exact recipe, i just kind of followed along with the basics and added on from there. If you want to check out the original recipe I followed, click here!… Continue reading Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole


Twice Baked Potatoes

I made these delectable little treats as a side for a roast I did a week or so ago. I absolutely love this easy no-fuss way to spice up the basic potato, especially when I dont have the time to bake them traditionally in the oven! Win-Win situation... Sorry for the lack of action shots,… Continue reading Twice Baked Potatoes


Honey Roasted Parsnip

If you can recall, last year around this time I was on a ginormous parsnip kick.... I got to the point where I was roasting parsnip, frying parsnip, caramelizing parsnip, you name it- I did it. Well, one thing I did not try was HONEY and parsnip! Who knew there was more to learn about… Continue reading Honey Roasted Parsnip


Roasted Sweet and Hot Mustard Potatoes

I love mustard.... lets face it, many of my recent posts have consisted of the stuff in some way, shape, or form! Its okay, I am proud... I love the stuff! This recipe in particular, is very good even if you are not the biggest fan. It is subtle, and doesn't have the bite that… Continue reading Roasted Sweet and Hot Mustard Potatoes