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Pulled Pork & Baked Beans

This is something I made a few weeks back on a whim. I bought a nice sized Boston Butt Roast while grocery shopping and had it sitting in the freezer and figured it would be there for in a pinch when I decided I finally wanted to do a pulled pork. Well that time had… Continue reading Pulled Pork & Baked Beans

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Wales Irish Pub

  Were going to take a trip down memory lane for a minute here, bear with me.... When I was much younger, my sister and I used to tag along with my father to his old boss's house every Sunday in Wales, MA. It was a routine we had.... Tag along with dad, raise hell… Continue reading Wales Irish Pub

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Bentley Pub II

One place that is worth checking out in Sturbridge, MA is none other than the Bentley Pub II which is located in the old Piccadilly Pub building in front of Yankee Spirits. In a nutshell, it is a very casual and laid back setting. People of all kinds frequent there for lunch, dinner, and even… Continue reading Bentley Pub II

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251st Hardwick Community Fair

You know fall is just around the corner when the Hardwick Community Fair is in full swing! This past weekend being the third Friday and Saturday of August was the annual Hardwick Community Fair. It was the towns 251st fair since the tradition was first started in the 1700's and is still going as strong… Continue reading 251st Hardwick Community Fair

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McGuirk’s and A Heart to Heart Anyone?

As we all get older, the less time we seem to have to truly unwind for some R&R or even catch up with our friends. I realize that my days, like many other young adults on there own in the world, normally consist of working full-time, cooking, cleaning, etc.... but this is how it goes… Continue reading McGuirk’s and A Heart to Heart Anyone?