Bourbon Butter Venison Steak Tips

bourbon + butter venison tips


I’ve told you all about my aversion to venison before. Something either my wood pirate/lumberjack father or one of my roughneck hunter uncles said teasingly to my sister and myself years ago when we were very young and impressionable. I don’t remember what it was but nonetheless, it had a lasting impression!

Along with shunning all things venison I also avoid duck, fish, bunny, bear, moose, etc.

I’ve had many friends try to help me shake this stigma by trying things like duck poutine (which was really good, I’ll admit), tacos de lengua (that’s cow tongue in case you didn’t know), sushi, etc. and while it all tastes amazing I just cannot emotionally disconnect!


Lawd help me, I am broken! I can’t possibly have this stigma and be a foodie at the same time!

I need to start thinking “what would Anthony Bourdain do”… and maybe still tone that down quite a bit.

Heh. (Thats also an awkward “heh”)

But real talk, overall I need to be more open is what I’m getting at. No more pussyfooting around things that freak me out. I am going on an adventure and I am going to make it my mission to get more comfortable with game meat and become She-Raw Warrior Princess & Consumer Of All Big Game, I am slowly trying… baby steps yo!

On my journey to becoming more acquainted with my little friends in the forest, I found this recipe from Grumpy’s Honeybunch. You will have to scroll a bit for the recipe there but it is SO SO worth it. Its got your butter, its got your bourbon, its got your maple syrup… you get the point but I just can’t drive it home enough, it’s absolutely divine!

Pure perfection.

I didn’t change a damn thing and even trimmed the silverskin on the venison tips as they suggested which truly helped with the gaminess so don’t skip that step! Also while I still couldn’t fully emotionally disconnect, I can honestly say I will be making this more often at home especially since I always have bourbon on hand (don’t you judge me).

bourbon + butter venison tips 2



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