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Snow Days Are The Best Days


I have never felt more like a kid, as I do now.

Not that I am complaining, but I am so used to being an “adult” (and I use that term loosely because this is me we’re talking about)  and having to work in sleet and snow… I thought gone were the days of waking up to a snow storm with the undying anticipation of having a cozy and lazy day in, keeping my eyes glued to the news watching the cancellations roll across the bottom of the screen… but ALAS the bank must close from time to time to ensure our safety and well being, and I might add that we are so very blessed that they care for us and our safety! Never have I been treated this well in past jobs, or had an employer who took the time to ensure our well being and safety were priority.


Honestly though, all I am missing is my Sega console and Sonic The Hedgehog… Then my snow day would be complete!

Its alright though… instead I have coffee in great abundance, a ton of pictures in need of recipes and a place on my blog, a big ole’ pitbull constantly trying to crawl onto my lap evicting my laptop and cat, the snow falling in what seems to be never ending heaps in my neck of the woods, and a cozy and warm blanket to keep me from wanting to leave my warm nook on the couch.


Lots to be accomplished today in my little world of food and thoughts, so cheers for snow days!


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