Homemade Cheese Board


It’s safe to say that I have a bit of a problem. That problem is cheese. Yes. C.H.E.E.S.E. That being said, I am always ordering cheese boards at restaurants and seeing how differently they do it compared to the others. I have yet to meet a cheese board I didn’t like so I think its pretty fool proof (so long as I dont get one with goat/sheep cheese, that type of cheese freaks me out. One day I will get over my goat/sheep cheese phase but for now, it is what it is).

I went grocery shopping not long ago at Le Big Y in Palmer and noticed when I was at the cheese/butter case that they had these individually wrapped “cheese tastings” by Sargento. Well opportunity was knocking and I answered. I snagged 3 different types that I wanted to try (and one was a long standing favorite) then continued shopping my little foodie heart out.

After I put all my groceries away, I forgot about my little samplers until later on that week when I was at home by myself putting around the kitchen. I was looking for something to munch on (because boredom is the devil and makes me eat) while sipping wine and SURPRISE! There they were staring back at me from my cheese drawer!

I sliced up an apple, grabbed some stone ground crackers (because I am weird and keep them for surprise company in case I whip up a dip of sorts) and sliced up the samplers.


The top right is Sargento’s New Zealander, Asiago in the middle, and Bruschetta Jack on the bottom. I have to say that it was genius to start making “tasting” packages, and that I was not sorry I ate the whole cheese board by myself! Well for the exception of the Bruschetta Jack because strangely, that one particular cheese was horrible! I dont know why, I love Montry Jack and Pepper Jack but Bruschetta Jack?

Nope.. Never again.

Could just be me, like I said before I am a weirdo so try it for yourself and maybe let me know?



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