Potato and Leek Soup


This is a little something that I had at the Boars Head Feast at the Eagle Hill Cultural Center last year for the first time ever and fell absolutely head over heels for. I have been meaning to make it, but completely forgot about it until I heard that the Boars Head Feast was right around the corner again! With that being said, I want to give a BIG thanks to Country Bank for Savings for hooking me up with tickets for my sister and I to attend again this year! It is truly such a great time and we really do look forward to it!



8 Leeks; chopped & rinsed well.

5 Lbs Potatoes; washed, scrubbed, peeled, and diced

6 Cups Chicken OR Vegetable Broth

4 Cups Water

4 Tbsp Butter

Salt & Pepper to taste

Parsley; finely minced

Green Onions (scallions); thinly sliced

Extra Virgin Olive such as Terra Delyssa


If you dont have chicken broth at the ready (like I didn’t… bad bad Sarah!) You can make it using bullion cubes… I always said I was resourceful in the past!


Wash and scrub your potatoes…


Then peel the potatoes… This is when having children who want to help in the kitchen comes in handy…. I should probably get moving so I have myself some potato peelers huh? I learn from the best MOM! XD


Once they are all peeled, dice them up nice and small…


Trim the roots and dark green parts of the leaks off, then chop up finely.




Look at all of those leeks! BTW I find the best way for me to clean them is to chop them up and put them in a large bowl filled with water. Slosh them around a bit and the silt will sink to the bottom of the bowl while the leeks float.


Melt butter over medium heat.


Add leeks and toss with butter, cooking until tender (about 1o minutes) stirring occasional.


Look at those little gems!


Add potatoes, broth, salt, and pepper.


Stir well and bring to a boil.


Reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender. Don’t judge me, I heard putting a wooden spoon over the top of a top helps it not boil over, so I was giving it an honest try… good news is that it didn’t boil over, but it could have been due to the fact that I had it at a low heat??? Maybe??? Or maybe it really works???


While your potato/leek mixture does its magic on the stove, take some time to check you email, drink some wine, work on your blog, whatever suits your needs for the next 10-15 minutes!


Okay, back to the grind… Once the potatoes are done boiling, take an immersion blender and puree everything in the pot until smooth. If you like it lumpy, only puree a portion.


To serve, fill bowls with potato and leek soup then drizzle with a bit of olive oil…


Sprinkle with a good pinch of parsley and green onions…



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