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Wales Irish Pub



Were going to take a trip down memory lane for a minute here, bear with me…. When I was much younger, my sister and I used to tag along with my father to his old boss’s house every Sunday in Wales, MA. It was a routine we had…. Tag along with dad, raise hell in the woods and gravel pits on Terri’s land, get into trouble for wandering and making my dad and his boss go looking for us, go feed the sheep down the road, then finally on our way home we would hit the Wales Lounge to split curly fries and root beer and play duck hunter. We were rebels what can I say!

So what is the point of all of this? Well long story, short Terri bought the Lounge and transformed it into the Wales Irish Pub (WIP). After extensive renovations, it is now shiny, new, and a really popular spot to hit for lunch, dinner, and for drinks!


The pub has been voted 2013 1st Place Winner from the Sturbridge Times Readers Choice Awards for best live music! That’s right, every Friday night they have a live band as well as Sundays under the pavilion during the summer. Also they have Taco Night every Thursday, as well as Fish & Chips or Prime Rib every Friday. I try to stop in every now and then on my lunch hour to grab a bite and to stay connected. Its nice seeing the old Lounge as well as old family friends.


This Friday when I stopped in I got myself a Crispy Chicken Sandwich on a Bulky Roll with lettuce, tomato, and mayo….. Don’t judge, it was a craving…. Also their sandwiches come with a choice of fries so I got the hand cut. Yum!


And the last time I went, which had to have been back in May, I got a Pulled Pork Sandwich slathered in Barbecue Sauce on a Bulky Roll with Cole Slaw and Crinkle Fries….No judging my Instagram picture… Haha

You really cant beat their prices and the quality of their food. Its worth the trip out threw the back roads to the small woodsy town we all love and call Wales, MA.

For more information and a menu visit the Wales Irish Pub at

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