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McGuirk’s and A Heart to Heart Anyone?


As we all get older, the less time we seem to have to truly unwind for some R&R or even catch up with our friends. I realize that my days, like many other young adults on there own in the world, normally consist of working full-time, cooking, cleaning, etc…. but this is how it goes for me. Add on children, husbands, school, etc and you get a reality check fast. I thought my life was a whirl wind (not that I have ever complained about any of it) but after so long of not talking to old friends due to life happening and hectic schedules, I walked away feeling very humbled.


I can not imaging having to add children, school, etc. to my situation and be able to keep sane, these little ladies are truly amazing and I think they are possibly even incognito super women!


It was so nice to step outside of the box and catch up with old friends on a nice little escape from reality. Even if only for a day, it was just so nice to let go for a moment and reflect on how things once were compared to how they are now in our lives. Like I said life happens, and it happens fast. Take advantage of it while you can otherwise you will find yourself asking “what if”…



Okay, enough with the heart to heart…. If you find yourself on the shores of Hampton Beach in New Hampshire I highly recommend having lunch at McGuirk’s Ocean View Restaurant and Pub. For more info on their menu and summer entertainment visit them at



They are home of the original “Shark Attack” or as I like to call it Electric Three-Way since they ran out of gummy sharks… sorry but you cant call it a Shark Attack with out the sharks XD


We had their Nachos to start with which were topped with melted cheese, tomatoes, onions, and jalapenos serves with salsa and sour cream.


Oh boy, Alicia and I aren’t fans of spicy OR jalapenos so we decided to up the anti by having a jalapeno contest…. whatever keeps the blood pumping right?


Alicia and I both had the Big Poppy Salad which is baby spinach and romaine, grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, feta cheese (mine without), dried cranberries, bacon, slivered almonds, cucumbers, and red onions topped with creamy poppy seed dressing. Best decision I made all day!



And little miss Julie had Buffalo Chicken Salad which consisted of chopped buffalo chicken tenders, crumbled bleu cheese, shaved red onions, and is topped with crumbled bacon and served with bleu cheese dressing but she opted for ranch instead… Cant say I blame her, bleu cheese is the devil.


It was really sad to leave but all good things must come to an end… I had to work the Sausage Booth for Country Bank the next day anyways at the Hardwick Fair so it was just as well.


We are definitely planning on getting together again soon so time to brain storm and come up with something to top this years beach trip! I am thinking maybe our own rendition of My Drunk Kitchen??? Okay maybe that’s a bad idea…. I got time!


Au Revoir!


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