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251st Hardwick Community Fair


You know fall is just around the corner when the Hardwick Community Fair is in full swing!


This past weekend being the third Friday and Saturday of August was the annual Hardwick Community Fair. It was the towns 251st fair since the tradition was first started in the 1700’s and is still going as strong as ever today! It is always such a great time and there is truly something for everyone!


Your a man and like tractors? Pfffft, so go check out the tractor pulls!


Have animals and live stock and looking for new and trusted feed and products??? Step right up!


Looking for a gift for someones birthday or even just a souvenir? This is the tent your looking for!


Are you like my mother and love antique silhouettes? There is a tent that will make yours and cut it out while you wait!




Again looking for a gift for someone or yourself? This is the place for you! I even snagged a package of the note cards pictured below!



Every small town seems to come equipped with a Sugar Shack…. I figured I would check out Hardwick’s and see how it is compared to Brimfield honey and let me tell you, I am quite impressed! I even got a jar of the Pure Maple Cream pictured below! (I know its a bit blurry but it serves its purpose!



I  had volunteered to work the Country Bank sponsored Sausage Booth for a few hours and talk about a humbling experience! I don’t know how all the waiters and waitresses out there do it, but you have my respect! I didn’t have to wait tables and was struggling enough taking orders and getting them right without over thinking them, phew! How do you do it!


It was still a great time and at the end of the day, I felt very accomplished! I do promise I wont quit my day job to become a waitress though… I would be the worst waitress in the world!


Like I said, they had something for everyone and clearly they had lots of entertainment for the children. I remember when my sister and I used to go, we would always want to race frogs in the frog races (yes, they have a frog race) as well as enter our bunnies into the show!



Being such a small agriculture town, they even had a themed children’s parade….






I am telling you, if you have yet to experience the Hardwick Community Fair, it is never too late and make plans to hit next years fair! And now lets end this post with pictures of Kaylyn having a field day playing in the soccer maze!








3 thoughts on “251st Hardwick Community Fair”

  1. Such a great time! I missed the frog jumping contest though! We have lots of memories going as kids didn’t we!? I got lost and ran to the fire truck one year, the pony rides, the animal shows/contests, the sack races, the hay bale and tire obstacle coarse, there was also a show in the meeting house of scenes and objects made out of vegetables..remember that?

  2. I know it, we always had a blast! May have given mom a heart attack or two in the process but there was never a dull moment! Remember going frog hunting so we could enter the frog race but getting attacked by the mud wasps and having to rush Matt to the ER because he was allergic?!?!?

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