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Favorite Things of 2013

I have noticed a bit of a trend going on in the blog world and thought it might be fun to join in on the conversation just for haha’s. This trend I am speaking of is compiling a short list of our favorite things, but being that this is my food blog, I figured I would include things both in the kitchen and out!

Oh fun!

No. 1

Versace  Crystal Noir – My favorite scent for going on 6 years now


No. 2

Worcestershire Sauce – Not just for steaks anymore!


No. 3

Balsamic Vinegar – I could live off of balsamic glaze!


No. 4

The Majestical Saki!


No. 5

Because who can get enough of this creature!


No. 6

Cholula Hot Sauce – makes the best jambalaya


No. 7

My new Pier1 dinner plates, I cant help but adore them!


No. 8

Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Tunisian Olive Oil – Words can not express my feelings for this majestical creation, all I have to say is that I will never stray from this beautiful gem! Its as if the angles sang and out came Terra Delyssa.


No. 9

Pier1 canvas art


No. 10

Pier1 Straw Platter – Still have yet to find a purpose for this beautiful piece of work, but when I do I will love it even more!


No. 11

Pier1 Metallic Tray – Yes, another Pier1 find, I cant help there awesomeness!


No. 12

PartyLite Symmetry Trio – I can not resist the ambiance…. I’m a sucker….


No. 13

Pier1 Asian Spice Room Spray – I know I know… you can stop judging now!!!!


And there we have it! Its the little things in life that do it for me!


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