Thought Box


Sorry I have been MIA the last two months but things have been hectic! Between working at the bank as well as taking collage courses and keeping up with the house work & cooking, I haven’t really had much down time to post! Don’t worry though, I have still been documenting dinners among other things so I have plenty of material!!!

In the mean time here is a glimpse into what I have been up to!


Reading and drinking vino… obviously…


Playing with Sadie and annoying the crap out of my majestical Saki…


Scoping out the yard after work and seeing what has and has not come up yet in the gardens…


Tromping in the yard with my 4″ purple suede heels… what was I thinking?!?!?!


Gorging on dessert with my coworker and friend Amanda…


Exploring Vermont… more on this later…


Tromping in the gardens yet again….


Cooking, as always…


Exploring waterfalls…


Hanging out at work with my love, Toto the Tornado Kitten… Happy belated birthday Toto!!!


Making more espresso brownies for a special someones birthday XD


Family, family, family!!!!


And last but not least…. night canoeing with good friends and good beers last night ❤

Remember, keep it classy and I will see you guys soon!

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