Real Fettuccine Alfredo



So I have an obsession with Alfredo Sauces… It is something that I can never get enough of and although I am all for indulging… over indulging in this recipe is not recommended unless your ultimate goal is to go up say two – three dress sized! ::Gasp::

Don’t let that deter you from trying this little gem of a recipe out though, it is one of the best ways to make a real authentic Alfredo which I came across it on The Pioneer Woman’s website… but like my mother always says, moderation is the key!



1 Lb Fettuccine; cooked (reserve 1 cup of the hot pasta water)

1 Stick of Butter; Salted

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream (not milk or Half & Half)

2 Cups Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese

2 Cloves Garlic; minced

Nutmeg; a pinch

Chopped Fresh Parsley; for garnish

Anything else you want to serve on top (I did one plate broccoli and another with garlic lemon shrimp)


So this is by far the simplest recipe and its one that you add the warm cream mixture to a bowl with the cheese then stir in the fettuccine so if you are entertaining a crowd… pfffft blow them away by mixing it all together at the table!


Melt butter over medium heat.


Add garlic and saute until tender (about 2 minutes)


Once the garlic is all happy and translucent, stir in the heavy cream slowly while whisking.



Season with salt and pepper…DSCF8574

Followed with nutmeg.


Allow the butter-cream mixture to simmer for a few minutes.


And dont forget to reserve 1 cup of pasta water to thin out the Alfredo if needed later!


So this is what the butter-cream sauce will look like after a couple of minutes…


Remove it from the stove and set up shop with the sauce, a large serving bowl, and the Parmesan.


Pour 1/2 of the Parmesan cheese into the serving bowl…


Then pour your butter-cream sauce over the cheese.


*DON’T STIR* Let it just marinate like that for a few minutes!


Pour your drained pasta on top of the cream-parmesan loveliness and gently toss with a pair of tongs.


If you find that the sauce is too thick, no fear, just pour in a bit of the pasta water at a time!!!


Top with remaining Parmesan cheese and serve with whatever you majestical heart desires!



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