Thought Box


I am sorry I have not been posting much lately!

I just treated myself with a new laptop today and am happy to announce that I will be much more diligent with new updates and recipes for everyone!!!


In the mean time I have been personalizing my new box, which I have dubbed “The Bat Cave” because apparently you need to name your laptops… kind of surprised me but hey, why not…

Ooooo back on track here, what I wanted to say was that in the process of handing the set up, I uploaded all of my pictures and organized them all!


Now take a look at these gems I came across!

Apparently I must have had a bit too much vino and got a little to into Saki and his candy cane he took out of my candy dish on our coffee table!


Awwwwwww DSCF5849

He was determined to eat it I guess…


And then he gave up…


Okay, now I will start working on pumping out some recipes I have been holding out on!


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