Thought Box

Obviously when I am cooking dinner with the intention of posting it on my food blog, I take lots of pictures….

The only thing is that sometimes i take pictures of random things with no explanation and given the fact that I tend to favor the vino while in the kitchen, god only knows what I am thinking…

But here we have it!

4 of the most recent random pictures on my camera to date! I hope you can at least laugh at them so the pictures serve a purpose!

(probably not)


What is that called? A North American Nicholas Grisley Swain??? (I’m thinking too much champagne that night)


Soap dispenser? I dont know why but just go with it…


And one of my plants. Maybe I wanted to show you all how much I neglect watering my babys? IDK….




The lovely roommate Cait with a sleeping mask?

Dont ask… I have no explanation….

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