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Hot Chocolate Cup Cakes

013So I never said I was a baker….

But regardless, we were having an Ugly Sweater Party/ Friends Birthday Party and needed some cup cakes STAT!

<—This is my “Oh sh*t I have to bake” face…

I actually took the pansy way out and bough a box of hot cocoa cupcake mix with the marsh mellow frosting.

Again, Cait is Ms Betty Crocker in the house so I just cringed and did my best even with the boxed stuff…

They did come out good, but that could have easily been the wine brain washing me but here is a run down in pictures as to what happened!


Cool cupcake liners huh?


And another picture of the cool liners…

Sorry if they are blinding you with their bad ass-ness…


AMAZING edible sparkles for the cupcakes!!!!!



And now I had too much wine so I didnt take any more pictures…. SORRY……

But we all saw that coming, right????


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