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Heart to Heart?

So one of my tasks at my bank is to decorate for the holidays. It is something that I love to do and I take pride in it! The only thing is that I tend to favor Pier1 for my decorations both for the bank and for my home….

It is both my doing as well as my undoing…

It also gets me in trouble from time to time with because I come home with BIG BAGS of goodies but once I explain how much I saved I am in the clear haha!

I am such a savvy shopper hehe!

Well this is what I found for my home when looking for winter decor for the bank!


It’s like Christmas for Saki!!!!!

He likes to check out the goods too… he is also a closet Pier1 addict…

Snow Balls!!!!!!

I love finding homes for everything 🙂

But I tend to accumulate so much over time that I hate having to pack old things away such as the lanterns I had on this holder but they were to summery so in the closet they go!

Am I the only person that gets torn up about that?

New ball holder above!!!!! (don’t judge I love them)

And new home for my snow balls!


Now Saki is acting like the majestical mountain lion he is….


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