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Hello Humpday!

Boy-oh-boy is there a blizzard out there or what? I don’t know if it’s just because I am in Brimfield located at a higher elevation in the nooks and craneys of New England or what, but there is ALOT of snow out side right now! Anyways on a lighter note, HAPPY HUMP DAY! Officialy half way threw the week and that much closer to the weekend! YAY!

Anyways on with the show right? Well because of the above mentioned blizzard I decided to be smart and stay in rather than run to the grocery store so I just worked with what I had for dinner. I am not going to post the recipe becasue it is one that i have already done, which would be Pasta Alla Checca, located in the archives. Very basic and easy especially since only calling for a few pantry staples!

With that said, I did get a bit of cabin fevor (and got a little ballsy with the homemade hard cider and all) and decided to go with bangs again! YAY! Talk about a blast from the past, I havent had them since 2009!

Well sorry this is so brief but that is all I got for tonight!

Au Revoir

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