Thought Box

A Very Un-Majestical Monday

Yup, you all heard right… It was a rough day today and I think everyone in town was having the same Monday as me, if not worse!

I hate to say it but today was a far cry from rainbows and majestic unicorns, but that’s all right!

It’s over, I am curled up with a mason jar fulled with a yummy sangria and am good to go for the night!

And when I say I am good to go, I mean I am ready to stuff my face with left over Galumpkis from last night after working a ten-hour shift at the bank!


All smiles now!

And look, one of my awesome supervisors gave me 2 GOLD STARS for dealing with some crazy shenanigans right as we were about to close for the day!

Great, thank you for checking in and now if you don’t mind I shall resume wallowing over this very un-majestic monday in my mason jar filled with sangria!


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