Kanapki (Open Face Polish Sandwich)

So obviously I am on a Polski kick tonight but you know what? It was just well over due! A good friend of ours happens to make a really mean true polish kielbasa so we are very lucky that we don’t have to jump through hoops to get the good stuff. Anyhow I made Kanapki with our Galumpkis tonight and I didn’t even know about them until I went to a cookie swap a couple of years back. I was amazed because the ingredients are so off the wall and doesn’t seem like they would go good together at all! Well I certainly was surprised when I had four of them and just had to know how to make them! Lucky our kielbasa comes from the same source but unfortunately I always forget the exact way it was made and in what order to stack things up so I just wing it. Kanapki is a polish open face sandwich and there are MANY different variations and ways to go about it! Some use hard-boiled eggs, others use onions and horseradish, some even salami. Like I said there is not one true way to go about it other than rye bread, kielbasa, and cheese. Those are the staples.


Rye Bread


Deli Ham

American Cheese

Dill Pickles



So basically you just take the rye bread and cut it in half.

Remove the casing from the kielbasa (I know, I am so sorry Tim but it needs to be done… nothing against the kielbasa, it is the best in the world, but it’s just the way the Kanapki is made)

Spread a thin layer of mayo over the top then layer each ingredient as listed above on top of each other.

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