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Frozen Perogies Done Like A Boss!

So sometimes I am an extreme looser and am home alone all night long while Mikey works the night shift at Palmer Paving and Dave and Cait are else where. I will say, it is very depressing and come dinner time I kind of get empty nest syndrome! I AM ONLY 25! I AM TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH!T!!!!!!

Anyways when that is the case, I am obviously not going to make a huge meal which is why I have been a bit dormant from Tuesday-Friday… there was no one elses but me to cook for! Ya I know, D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-N-G

Well incase you wonder what I do for myself, or if I just starve until the next meal comes around… here is what I manage for myself so you all can mock and laugh at me hahaha! Especially laugh at me for turning it into one of my step by step deals! LOL!


1 Package of Frozen Mrs. T’s Perogies

1 Purple Onion

1/2 Stick of Butter

 ::Cue Laughter::

Anyways I heat my butter ever so nonchalantly over medium heat because psssssssh, who cares is anyone is home to cook dinner for… not I… ::sigh::

I brown my frozed periogies on both sides for a total of hmmmmm… maybe 7 minutes… They love me unconditionally so I love them just the same back…

See, they look so happy all nestled up in a paper towel all warm and cozy looking unlike yourself! Now drink some wine so you feel a little better about yourself!

Next I slice up my onion and saute it until it carmalizes over medium high heat… Drink some more wine!


Ok since your onions and perogies are done..,. toss togeather and drown your sorrows in the rest of your bottle of wine…

Or atleast until you dont feel so lonesome!

YAY! Now you wont feel so hungry so you can focus soley on feeling alone in a big house in the middle of the woods!


Oh and did I mention you can hear scary things in the dark digging around in your trash!


9 thoughts on “Frozen Perogies Done Like A Boss!”

  1. Aw thank you for making me feel better about myself! I had a ton of people ask me why I wasn’t posting for a few days and this is why haha. It consisted of frozen diners for one spiced up with some of my awkwardness! Lol.

  2. I have made perogies with my Polish church group for years, There secret ingredient for cabbage perogies …(George Washington Spice) ia a small package found at Big Y. Yum!! Yum!!

  3. Wow, didn’t know about the Geo. Wash. seasoning in cabbage perogies… I have some in my spice cabinet ( of course! ) Great Idea!!!

  4. Yes Sandy, Geo.Wash. seasoning along with salt and pepper adds that” Polish Zing”. Fond memories of the church hall filled with the aroma of the cabbage
    and spices frying!!!!

    1. Wish I could have had the oportunity to work with a group of experienced Polish women making perogie. I have a very difficult time with the dough.. it’s thick, tough and falls apart in the boiling water…. only way for me is the lazy way. :0)

  5. Sandy, when you make your dough do you cover it with a damp dish towel after you roll it out? This helps it from drying out while your filling the cabbage. Also, when you pinch your perogies closed it helps if you wet the inside edges with water. This helps to seal them from water getting in. Perhaps if you also didn’t use too much flour when rolling out your dough.. Just a thought 🙂 Hope this helps!!

    1. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to type this out and put it on my recipe that I had gotten from Tina Quink Chevalier when I was around 20! Can you imagine that… lol
      Thinking the only Ladyhawke I know is Aunt Gail, wondering if I’m wright. :0)

  6. Yeah, your so right its me!! If you need anymore help I can always ask the ladies at my church. It’s hard to get the dough recipe from them though. They can be a little secretive..LOL! I do recall the wet towel and they didn’t use any flour when rolling out the dough because we had a large machine that rolled it. We would make 2 to 3 hundred dozen at a time over a week!!! Take care >3

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