Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

So we’re making toasted pumping seeds from the pumpkins that Dave and Cait carved this evening… and when I say we’re making pumpkin seeds, I mean my roommates are making them while I drink more wine and take pictures hahaha. What do you want me to say! Sometimes its nice to take a step back and watch them do their thing in the kitchen!

Anyways they made 5 different kinds of pumpkin seeds. There are cinnamon & sugar, garlic-garlic, olive oil and salt, and garlic-oregano-parmesan-olive oil (the last was a concoction of my dipping oil from last night tossed with the pumpkin seeds… resourceful).

So like I said, Dave and Cait did their thing… All I did was tell them what we had in the spice rack and how long and what temperature to roast them at. It was fun! Then they eyed the bowl of dipping oil that I had not tossed yet from dinner and I kind of cringed until I tried a seed. It was AMAZING!

Anyways here are the recipes as well as some fun pictures from tonight!


2 Pumpkins; Gutted and carved (yes you must carve them)

Olive Oil


*Whatever else you want to season them with, if anything*

So after you gut and carve your pumpkins, separate the seeds from the nasty crap that is called the pulp.

Next decide on what you are seasoning the seeds with. The traditional way is just salt and olive oil.

Were bad asses so we did (from left to right) cinnamon & sugar, garlic-garlic, salt and olive oil, and garlic-parmesan-oregano-olive oil (left over bread dipping oil from tonight’s dinner… yes I cringed when Dave and Cait said they were going to do it, but once toasted it was a master piece!)

Saki says “tis the season so carve your pumpkins….”


So next take some seeds and shake them in a bag or a Tupperware with a little olive oil and salt (or olive oil and whatever else you would like to season them with)

Bake at 350 in a single layer on a cookie sheet for 10-12 minutes or until fragrant and toasted (golden).


While you rock some amazing socks/slippers/moccasins put the seeds in an air tight container such as a ziplock baggie, Tupperware, or a mason jar like us because I try to be rustic and that is what I bought for drinking glasses… I just never threw out the lids 🙂 gosh I must plan ahead…


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