Thought Box

Oh What a Lazy Day

Yes, I said it…. its very dreary out side! Its cloudy, damp, and cold. The epitome of a lazy fall day in New England. The leaves have changed their bright viberant colors for the season and the wind keeps blowing them down into my yard! ::sigh:: if only they would stay like that until the winter snow came along! On another note though, what better time to make some comfort food than a day like today! I don’t know about you guys but I could go for some carbs, I am thinking American Chop Suey! There is nothing like my hearty and veggie filled pasta sauce served on top of a steaming dish of pasta shells…. it just screams “eat me”! Or at least I like to think so! Even better when paired with a fresh crusty loaf of French Bread and a bowl of warm Garlic and Herb Dipping Oil. That my friends is what I call a good time! I think I am going to get on that right after I finish my coffee, so check back shortly and I will show you how its made! Xoxo

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