Tequila Marinated Steak Tips (Cont.)

Well hello!

I am glad you all decided to stick it out and check the rest of this shenanigans out! Saki is shocked that you did!

Anyways there is not much else to report on the steak tips, it is relatively simple…

Pick your poison wether it is broiling, grilling, or pan frying!

I broiled mine on high for 5 minutes each side because I had thin steak tips and like mine medium-well.(the early bird gets the worm, and in the case, there were others who snatched up the best cuts before I even had a chance…. balls…..)

Anyways, this is the before…

And this is the after 🙂

The steaks came out very well! You could taste the tequila but the hint of lime and the bite from the cumin and chilli powder really evened it out! I will absolutely be sugguesting this recipe to my co workers and friends for a new twist on a classic! I bet if I had grilled it, it would have enhansed the flavors even more! If you are looking for the recipe on the Tequila Marinade I made, you can get it by clicking on this link:


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