Why am I blogging?

I have always been very passionate about cooking, and it had to have started when I would make cinnamon french toast with my sister Amy when I was as little as eight years old! Once I finally got to the age that I moved out of my family’s home (19 to be exact), I started posting what I was making for dinner as my status on Facebook. I would get comments like “Can you send me that recipe” or even just “yum, save me some” so finally it got me thinking about creating my own blog that I can share my passion for cooking as well as recipes to all my family and friends!

As luck would have it, I have a very hungry boyfriend Mikey, as well as two very willing roommates Dave and Cait, who are more than happy to be my Guinea Pigs for my random and amazing creations that I come across! I hope you enjoy reading about our nightly excursions and hopefully have as much fun trying some of my recipes as I do!

Bon appetite!

8 thoughts on “Why am I blogging?”

  1. I like this website very much. I’m a follower of your website and wanna say thanks for all this interesting stuff on it. Please take a look at my website also??? Thanks!

  2. Which one are you speaking of? I find the recipes I try all over the place and from friends as well! A lot of the dishes I try tend to also come from a few different recipes meshed together as well. Also if I am missing something that I need for one I will substitute with a alternative method like I did with the hummis I tried.

  3. Unbelieveable Sarah! Thought I would check in and I can’t believe all the wonderful additions of recipes! I also love the pics of the 4 legged family members. Whatta girl!

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